together with a friend of mine I am working on ONE web server. So far so ggod. In order to do this offline, each of us has his local copy. With this we are starting a kind of "distributed" development. Every page updated locally must be "syncronized" with the web server (via FTP) and the partner developer (via eMail). Doing a lot of local changes a lot of update work must be done.

I am now looking for an automized update facility of the master database on the web server. This means get all files which are newer (and updated by a partner) on the web server and push all files which local copy is newer.

I am working on a Windows based system.

Do YOU have an idea how to solve this problem?

Are there any tools (freeware) out there wich solve this problem?

I am sure not beeing the first having such a problem.

cu Bernd