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Thread: TypeError: Browser is undefined?

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    Question TypeError: Browser is undefined?

    So I'm a JavaScript novice and I'm trying to solve a problem with my friend's Firefox browser. Every time he attempts to open a new tab or author an email in GMail (among other things) an error message pops up that says "JavaScript Application - TypeError: Broswer is undefined". This all stemmed/started from a random system shutdown a few weeks ago while he was running a few programs (including Firefox).

    Now, nowhere on the net can I find anything on this specific error. I've tried the standard approach of uninstalling and resintstalling Firefox, but haven't had any luck in solving the problem. This seems like the sort of thing I can fix via Firefox's Java Console, but I'm unsure how to diagnose the specific program and proceed.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. If anything else would help... Additional symptoms, for example, I'll be glad to post them. Also please treat me like the novice that I am and spell out instructions... just so that I don't do anything wrong from memory.

    Thanks in advance.

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    It could be caused by a corrupt profile. The profile is not deleted in a normal uninstall.
    Creating a new profile will sometimes solve the problem, but from experience I've found that deleting the profile and starting afresh is more effective.
    Deleting the profile means you loose your bookmarks, cookies, passwords and add-ons! Export your bookmarks to html and make a note of passwords and add-ons.
    Before you try this method look at the standard diagnostic methods first.
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    Thanks for the help, Fang. Walking through the standard diagnostic methods ended up fixing the main problem, but now a subsequent one has popped up. The preferences have been reset, but whenever my friend opens up a new tab, clicks "Don't show this page again" and "Close" he gets the JavaScript Application error "ReferenceError: DTFox is not defined". It's no big deal and not nearly as annoying as the last one, but it still indicates a problem. I walked through the rest of the steps and was unable to get rid of the problem, so unless anyone has any other suggestions I guess he'll just live with it (which again is no big deal).

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    Cool possible solution

    hey i had the same problem of JavaScript Application TypeError: browser is undefined, i fixed it and it was suprisingly easy. I went to tools, Add-ons, disable mega-upload toolbar...hope it works for u

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