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Thread: "Hidden" Statement

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    "Hidden" Statement

    Hi there

    I have the following statement that disables update data but it shows the contents:

    <? if($consultant!=$session_name and $id){ echo" disabled"; } else { } ?>

    In order to a consultant other than the one that got the information, no to view the page, instead of "disable" what statement must I use to hide the page

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    are you using this inside an input field?
    in that case you're probably looking for type="hidden"

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    Hidden Statement????

    Quote Originally Posted by themarty
    are you using this inside an input field?
    in that case you're probably looking for type="hidden"


    Let me explain:

    I have a php file where I have the html and php, mysql codes, in order for the consultants to add data into data base. All consultants have diferent logins.

    All consultants with a different logins can list all titules and the names of the consultants that have every product.

    Bu only the consultant "owner" of his product can open the form to see or alter the contents 8descriptiosn, etc).

    If any other try to open supose NOT TO OPEN in not to SEE the contents.

    I only managed to make that he cannot change contens, bu it is not enouhg.

    I hope that now I explain better the situation


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    IIUC you have the wrong conceptual model. What you should be doing is listing the items, but only making it a link if the user has permission to view it, otherwise just make it text. Then in the view page if they do not have permission simply output a message like "access denied" and don't display the rest of the page, since they are trying to hack into a page they should not.

    Even if there was a "disabled" equivalent for a whole page it would be no good sending the content to a browser and then telling it not to show it, that is 3 seconds to "hack".

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