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    Hi guys,
    i'm trying to find a good position for this site www.aiguarentacar.it and the most important keyword is Autonoleggio Alghero , but i've seen google is passing very few times, i've seen the robots just twice in a couple of months, do you know what is happening and why?

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    how many inbound links do you have?
    How often are you updating the sites content?

    if you have kept the same information on the site for the last couple months and google hasn't found anything new it will assume that it's safe to not return for a couple more months or longer.

    If you are updating content then you should look at your inbound links and taking a deeper look at the google webmaster tools pages.
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    Autonoleggio Alghero

    Hi guys,
    I have a little problem with google, I do not understand why google highlighting only the first part of the text where there are tongues, and do not read the following part of the text <div class = "content-text" autonoleggio con e senza autista, auto, monovolumi.......... ..
    autonoleggio Alghero

    can someone help me. thanks for the support

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    Hi Guyes;
    some advice to push "long-tailed2" "Noleggio auto Alghero aeroporto" for http://www.aiguarentacar.it

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    thank you for what you do.

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