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Thread: need help with frames

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    need help with frames

    Hi Everyone,

    I am a newbie with HTML stuff and was wondering whether it is possible to have the frame src to point to a hard coded HTML instead of another HTML file? The reason is because this is being run in a server and the server builds the entire frame before shipping out to the client. The problem is that the content of the frame will be changing and I want the server to add this changes to the frame before sending it to the client.

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    Frames on-the-fly

    You can't really do that because the code has to be stored somewhere (I.E. A file).

    You can write html on-the-fly but as above it needs somewhere to go. You could try creating a delibrately "blank" html page. That your frameset loads into the required frame by default and then writing the code to it as you need it.

    Hope that helps....

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