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Thread: Flash Stage Transparent

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    Flash Stage Transparent

    I have a flash project in which I would like the stage color to be transparent, but if you know flash you'll know that there is a icon in which has a diagonal line though it to make the color transparent, this option is not available to me only solid colors. How can I get the stage background to be transparent, I have tried rendering it out (SWF,HTML) with the transparent option on but when I preview the HTML it does not show it as transparent rather still the solid color.

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    icon in which has a diagonal line though it
    I think that icon you’re talking about really means “none”, not transparent. So clicked on, it could be a rectangle with a stroke and “none” fill or it could be a rectangle with “none” stroke and only a fill.
    To get a transparent background just set the “Document” “Background color” to white when you create a new document. Don’t draw anything on the stage except the objects you want.
    Then when you place the .swf <object on the page, use this as one of the param:

    <param name="wmode" value="transparent"/>
    and use this in the <embed…………….> section

    Not every version of every browser will always render this correctly but that's the best you can do.

    Still working on your gallery, sorry for the delay, just very, very busy.
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    I'm sure I tried this, but I will try it again and get back !!

    As for the gallery, just contact me when you have time!

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    great tip

    worked like a charm

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