Hey everyone,

I need help. I have two divs I want to show or hide based on which radion button is selected. These are my buttons:

<input name="selection" type="radio" value="Silver Service" checked="checked" />
<input name="selection" type="radio" value="Gold Service" />
<input name="selection" type="radio" value="Platinum Service"/>
<input name="selection" type="radio" value="Diamond Service" />
And these are my two divs:

<div id="courier">Select your courier:<br />
                    Blah blah....Dropdown to come here</div>
                    <div id="depot"><p>Select the closest depot for parcel drop-off: Blah blah....dropdown to come here
Basically the depot div must be visible by default and Silver service selected. But when Gold or Diamond service is selected, the courier div must show and the depot div hidden.

Can anybody please help?