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Thread: Manage calendar XML file from admin panel

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    Manage calendar XML file from admin panel

    Hi I have small problem and need help.
    Can anybody please give me some tips how to make script witch will help me to manage XML file? I have flash calendar witch is using events from xml file and I need to manage this file

    XML structure:
    <year number="2008">
    <month number="1" //Witch define January (for example)>
    <day number="1">
    <text txt="some event description">
    <link url="link to event description">
    <text txt="another event">
    <link url="another event link to event description">
    Anybody can help me create a script witch allows to add and edit events?

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    easy enough to do and many have already been done!
    what scripting language do you want to use???

    there are some good php, perl and ruby options available... and some are event calendars!

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