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Thread: framework for php

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    framework for php

    folks i have been developing websites in javascript, css and php. Recently i have learned Ajax as well.

    Now i want to use some framework for building websites.but i am not sure whether to go for CakePHP or Joomla because these are meant for PHP (if i am wrong plz correct me) and then Ajax has different framework like YUI.

    i was searching and i came across this GWT (google web toolkit) thing....????
    is that better than all????

    So , i am confused which one to adopt.. can't i use one for all?? which one is the best and is really used ???

    Waiting for reply

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    I am not sure to be honest but I can tell you that in my experience it works better for me if I simply create websites from scratch. There are couple of reasons for this.

    1. I can get everything exactly the way I want it to be as I don't have to follow any framework

    2. I can make changes to the websites easily. If I want to add something I can do it easily. I don't have to write a complicated joomla module or similar.

    3. There is no unneeded code. Like if you use Joomla there is always code of some functionality which you are not using.

    Hope this helps.

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    Like so many other things there is no one 'best' framework.

    1) Joomla is a content management system (like wordpress), not a framework.

    2) cakePHP is probably the most popular php framework and uses prototype/scriptaculous for some ajax support

    3) Some other PHP frameworks I know of are:
    • Zend - Developed by the guys who handle PHP
    • CodeIgnitor - Don't know a lot about this.. but it seems to be picking up quite a following
    • Symfony - Probably lesser known than CodeIgnitor.. but also picking up steam

    A rule of thumb that I like is that you should not use a framework in ANY language until you feel confident that you could write it yourself. This goes for javascript as well. Once you can understand exactly what your framework is doing, the quality of your code will be up to par.

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    thanx alot guys

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    AEYNIAS is a new one that just came out; give it a try .


    be sure to read the readme.
    Cornflakes mmmm yummy

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