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Thread: how to close frames

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    how to close frames

    Hi All,

    I think my problem is a little complicated, but I'll try to explain clearly.

    I have 3 frames (top, middle, bottom). The bottom frame has a submit message button which when pressed, submits a message to the server. The server creates a HTML page and sends it back to the client. At this point the frame src is pointing at this HTML page and the frame size is 100% (since I want to use the entire bottom frame to display the HTML).

    This HTML has also a logout button. When it is pressed I want the middle frame to close / disappear. This is my problem. How do I close the middle frame?

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    It wouldnt really be 'closing' the frame, but you could have your server creat an HTML file that doesnt have the frame in it

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    I understand alcodes, but the problem is that even though I have the server create a HTML without frames, it will only display on the bottom frame since it is the bottom frame that submitted the message.

    I need to somehow find a way to access the middle frame from the server (after the bottom frame submit the message) so that I can force the middle frame on the client side to close.

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