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Thread: CSS alignment issues in IE

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    CSS alignment issues in IE


    I have some CSS "issues" that I can't figure out! The website is here:


    It all looks fine in Firefox, but in IE there are 3 issues:

    - the big blue strip just under the menu shouldn't be there! Firefox displays fine.
    - The login menu on the right is mis-aligned - it should be horizontally centered!
    - There should be an image on the right-hand half of the Welcome page. In firefox, it display fine. In IE, I think the picture is soo far to the right that it is "invisible".

    Can anyone help with 1, 2 or all 3 of these issues?!

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    You have a few errors in your code - they don't look like they're the reason, but they could be:

    Also, in IE there's a --> at the very top and another one to the right of the pink-ish table. I don't see any messed up comments - but maybe you can't have the / in them... who knows. Little issues like this can often mess up a design.

    Also, just to point out another issues - in IE6, the next and previous buttons disappear when you hover over them.

    Fix up some of those errors and see if it helps at all. Then post back here.

    You can also look up IE hacks (google it)... there's a bunch of ways to set up your css so that only IE reads certain parts - or so that IE ignores a section. It's sometimes helpful when you can't get around certain issues.

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