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Thread: CSS Layout Break in IE7... again.

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    CSS Layout Break in IE7... again.

    Since my last post, I have encountered a new error in IE7 with my CSS layout that doesn't occur in Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari.

    I set my container width to 60% of the browser window. I want to set the maximum width to 600px and the minimum width to 500px. HOWEVER, when the browser window is being horizontally resized in IE7, the layout breaks, flicking the left column beneath the content div and back to normal, repeatedly until the maximum width is reached.

    I have no idea how to solve this issue. It's yet another case of IE7 slowing down my progress.

    Many thanks in advance to those who can offer suggestions/advice.

    P.S. Also, if anyone can spot any unusual techniques I have used in order to achieve a certain positioning, etc, that could be achieved in a better, more compliant way, then please let me know as I'm a little lost in what I should/should not be doing in terms of 'compliant' layout technique.
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    Try changing your left column width to 24%. That appeared to fix the issue when I ran it.

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