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Thread: Need Help in Formatting Date "Fri Jul 6 16:01:56 EDT 2007"

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    Question Need Help in Formatting Date "Fri Jul 6 16:01:56 EDT 2007"

    Hi All,

    Can any one help me in formatting Date? I want to send CURRENT date to client in following format:
    "Fri Jul 6 16:01:56 EDT 2007"

    I tried few things but did not get exact format. Please give me code that works on all browsers at least on FF and IE. Please help me out.

    Ninad Shaha
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    check this out. i am sure you can find your answer there

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    Hey thanks for your reply...
    I already checked that site. its contains code for Cold Fusion and I am using simple JS.

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    #define question (2B || !2B)
    HTMLElement and W3C Event Handling in IE
    My JavaScript Library

    Don't PM me about answers to questions. If I don't reply in a thread it's because:
    • You didn't read the message posting guidelines
    • Your code is too unstructured and/or formatted poorly - correcting it is too time consuming
    • I simply don't know the answer

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    Nothing wrong with the format, but to get a Date object you need to create a new Date with the result of Date.parse.

    var s="Fri Jul 6 16:01:56 EDT 2007";
    alert(new Date(Date.parse(s)));

    If you want to display a different string than the computer default, you can redefine the Date.prototype.toString method,
    but it would be better to just write a method that converts the string the way you want.
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