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    Web Designer

    Hello could anyobdy recommend a web designer other than Frontpage or Dreamweaver? I am preferably looking for one that is more finetuned with structure and layout. I'm not asking for WYSIWYG. Don't worry. Thanks

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    I use Notepad and Notepad++ mostly.

    At work I have Dreamweaver CS3 but only use Code view and always just type what it is.

    If you are looking for line coding and color seperation then Notepad++ might be what you are looking for. Besides HTML it can do color coding for a lot of stuff (PHP,CSS,Java,etc).

    Unless code is provided or an exact example is requested I think I'm going to start using psuedo code from now on...

    Also, I freelance as well. Inquire within!

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    I like Notepad++ too, but there are plenty of others. Notepad++ can also be portable (one reason I like it), which is a great companion to portable Xampp.

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