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Thread: Free "Tell A Friend" .asp script

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    Question Free "Tell A Friend" .asp script

    I am not sure where to post this so I apologise ahead of time if this is the wrong spot.

    Can anyone direct me to a free asp script for a "tell a friend" function?

    We want something that will alert us whenever a page is referred, and that will allow us to see what the person wrote to the people or person they referred the page to.

    Thank you in advance. Shirliana

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    Best bet would be to write it yourself, or do a Google search till you find one. You'll probably want an administrative site where you can provide some authentication and view what people have done. You could also check in the ASP forum to see if anyone has a handy one they'd be willing to share.
    Ryan Butler

    Ryan Butler.org

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    Red face Thanks!

    I'll do that! Thank you SO much! Shirliana

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