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Thread: get online user in membership class

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    Question get online user in membership class

    hi all,
    i am using membership class in my website.
    i want to generate a list of all online user of the site.

    there are some methods like getAllUsers() and getNumberOfOnlineUsers(),
    but there is not any function like "GetAllOnlineUser()"

    how can i done this type of thing...

    please help me.

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    resolved prble solved to find all online user

    hello friends,
    i have solved my problem to find all online user.

    As i already told to you that i'm using getAllUsers() method which returns a collection of all user.
    there is a property "isOnLine" by which we can check that a user is online or not...

    now, if we pass this collection to in a foreach loop and with in loop we check that members are online or not, we can find all online users...

    An example of code is as followes...........

    MembershipUserCollection allUsers = Membership.GetAllUsers(this.PageIndex, this.PageSize, out totalRecords);
    MembershipUserCollection filteredUsers = new MembershipUserCollection();

    bool isOnline = true;
    foreach (MembershipUser user in allUsers)
    // if user is currently online, add to gridview list
    if (user.IsOnline == isOnline)

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