I work for a local government, so you could only imagine how much money we don't have in our budget. But I've been looking at getting a search engine for our site from a company, such as Google, Verity, or Atomz. But as I'm sure you already know, they are each quite expensive. So I looked at the idea of creating our own search engine. I found a quick article on "Building a Web Spider" at http://www.asp101.com/articles/chris...r/default.asp, but it seemed like it would take some time to complete.

I looked on DMXZone.com for any DW extensions for search engines in ASP, but couldn't find any. So I'm hoping that someone in this forum can let me know about any DW search engine extensions, cheap but good-working search engine applications, freeware, "how to build a search engine" tutorials, etc.

Any & all help is appreciated. Thanks.

P.S. I use ASP w/JavaScript on my pages, with a SQL Server 2k back-end DB.