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Thread: Image crop and resize..

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    Image crop and resize..


    I've got a little problem.. I'm making a little custom "image-editor" in PHP and Javascript.. the Javascript is not the biggest worry..

    Well.. my problem is in this code :

    PHP Code:


    $width1 = (imagesx($im) * $prop1);
    $height1 = (imagesy($im) * $prop1) * $prop1;

    $width2 = (imagesx($im) * $prop2) / $i;
    $height2 = (imagesy($im) * $prop2) / $i;

    $width3 = (imagesx($im) * $prop3);
    $height3 = (imagesy($im) * $prop3) / $i;


    The prop-variables comes from the javascript page.. it's how much the picture should be re-sized in percent (eg. 0.63). But I suck at Math this way.. so I've got no idea how to get the new width and stuff from that.. I've tried as you might see.. but It's not working correctly..

    The $x1, $y1, etc. variables also comes from the JS page.. Where the user can move and re-size a div, proportionally to (900, 250) etc. And that's where the pictures left and top should start out from.. and that works.. kinda..

    The $i variable is just some stupid variable I made for the JS page... it tells how big the picture's width is towards 900px, in percent.. ($i = 900 / picWidth)

    I would really appreciate any help I could get on this!



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    hey again.. I hope I will get an answer very soon.. because I'm in a bit of a hurry with this project.. dead-line tomorrow.. and I can't really continue before I've solved this problem..
    Would be forever thankful to an answer!


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    What EXACTLY do you need to know? How to calculate proportions (like height gets adjusted proportional to width)? Or is it a question on how to calculate percentages?

    Waiting to help...
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