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Thread: Complete novice guide to setting up a LAMP?

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    Getting into server side & complete novice guide to setting up a LAMP?

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    Hi all. I have a 3 week holiday from work around Christmas with no plans to go anywhere so I was hoping to take my first step into server side programming - doing some online tutorials and picking up some books.

    I've done a little - but very basic - VB6 in my time in college and Uni and I've been on an Introducing Visual Studio on .NET course, so VB.NET would seem to be the best option for me, also because I seem to find it a much easier language to grasp than e.g. PHP with regards to syntax etc. Perhaps it has something to do with me being dyslexic, I'm not sure. However, PHP seems to be the best logical step for me in terms of moving up the job ladder - it seems to be a very desirable skill at my level.

    Anyway, I am very competent with Windows and basic hardware but I've never even installed Linux before and don't know much about networking at all This all seems quite daunting and I don't even know where to begin.

    I have my main PC running Vista but I also have a silent mini PC I built as a media box years ago - it's a 667MHz Celeron with 512MB SD, 60GB 2.5" HD and I could set this up as a server if that is desirable? Otherwise how else would I do this? VMWare? I want to be able to use Dreamweaver, as although I do hand-code all my XHTML and CSS I'm very comfortable in the Dreamweaver environment. If there's better programs for coding/debugging PHP on Linux though, let me know. Or if you think I should just stick to .NET and try to teach myself VB.NET?

    Apologies for the long winded post! Can anyone offer me any advice and/or point me to some good beginners' guides for setting up a LAMP?
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    while a linux box is very good for testing development(since the server you'll be uploading to will often run linux you can use the same configs exactly, with minimal edits) for learning you are unlikely to need a linux box(and vista to it would be a pain given other solutions).

    the easiest way to get a localhost set up and running with minimal problems is to just download Xampp for windows install(like you do anything else), and follow the instructions inside(which involves starting Xampp and throwing content you want to appear in a folder), files are then accessed through http://localhost/ or (or in some cases but that's very unlikely, unless you've been messing with things already).
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    Wow, that easy, huh? I will give it a try!

    I'm also a Disgaea fan btw

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