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Thread: select option onClick browser problems!!!

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    select option onClick browser problems!!!

    Hello people!
    I think I have a browser problem: I tried to make a drop-down menu, where something has to happen as soon as you select an option from this menu. In Firefox it works perfectly, but safari and IE7 don't get it.
    I wrote a little exampe to show what I mean:

    $Row = "1030";
    echo "<select><option value=\"$Row[2]\" onClick=\"Javascript:alert('Hello world');\">$Row[2]</option>
    <option value=\"$Row[1]\" onClick=\"Javascript:alert('Hello World');\">$Row[1]</option></select>";

    This script also works in Firefox, but not in the other browsers.
    Does anyone know why? And is there a solution for this?

    Thanks for the help, mulossie

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    Put the onclick on the select element (or better yet, onchange). When you google this problem, it seems that this is commonly known for IE and Safari
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