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Thread: Help Needed For Diploma Thesis! My Performance Depends On Your Help!!!

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    Exclamation Help Needed For Diploma Thesis! My Performance Depends On Your Help!!!

    Hello everybody,
    Im a student from the University of Trier (Germany).
    In the context of a project I am conducting an online survey about "Corporate Branding" in the english speaking region. It would be great if you could help me by filling in the questionnaire at the following link:


    It takes only about 10-15 minutes!
    I affirm that it is a NON-COMMERCIAL project and only for research!
    It is my first online survey and I need as much completed questionnaires as possible. My performance depends on your help!!! So, I would be very happy and thankful if you could help me and fill in the questionnaires! If possible, please ask your friends and family to fill in, too!
    Thank you very much!!! ))))
    P.S. Please answer each question, because only completed questionnaires can be used. Thank you very much!!!

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    Well...I actually tried it but couldn't get past page 1. See I've never heard of Henkel so how am I supposed to answer "Which products from the above question do you associate most closely with the company Henkel"?. With a blank...no can do because your program won't accept blank answers.

    You might want to revise the code.
    #define question (2B || !2B)
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    I agree with Dok here.
    Henkel is a parent company with many well known products, although I would never have associated any of the products with the parent company.
    It's like asking which products does Unilever produce. ???
    Products are regularly bought and sold by these multinationals. No-one really cares who produces the product, as long as the product fulfills their requirements.
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