Hi all,

i am asking your help in a little OS Project that i am doing,

i would like to know what you would like out of a music database. like would you like facebook, bebo, etc. support and what information you would like to collect about your music files.

this can be no more than 500 words/2 pages A4 paper

when done just upload the file to http://spinnykid.thruhere.net/projec...tive_project=1 using the user name/password "webdev/notrandom" and put in the folder webdev

if you would like to have your name added to the release files just include in the file name. or if you would like to join the project just email me on spinnykid[at]rocketmail.com or upload a cv to the folder cv's and i will get back to you.

submissions for this request will only be accepted until the end of November at midnight GMT

Daniel (spinnykid)

P.S. Please don't email your repplies