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    Online XML Code Highlighter..


    At first I'd like to say that if this post is not appropriate, or according to the forum rules, please remove it.

    - Preface:
    Initially I started this utility for personal use. Then I desided to add a User interface (and some more features) and give it in public for use from anyone may concern (for free of course).

    - About the Code Highlighter:
    The utility is a free online XML [and other tag-based languages, like (X)HTML] source code highlighter - web application, that applies pre-defined or custom styles (font, size, etc) and color formatting / highlighting to your given code.

    [ Use the ready color schemes or any custom color, (CSS) style: font, size, (bold, italic, underline, etc ), to make your code more readable ].

    Features among others allow to preview your changes and styles in real time and provide either an internet location (file) or paste-enter code for highlithing.

    Feel free to use, modify or embed the generated highlighted code in your pages or projects.

    - In addition:
    you may also send URL queries and use the program remotely without the User Interface...

    - Project URL:

    You can see-launch the Code Highlighter here:

    Thank you!

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