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Thread: Can we restore mysql dropped database? how?

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    Question Can we restore mysql dropped database? how?


    I am using mysql 5 and accidnetly i dropped a database.unfortunately i dont have any backup,

    Is it possible to recover that datbase.
    I am using windows.

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    Recover dropped Database

    ye there is two way of restoration:

    1. backup files from your database

    2. binary logs, which files are in form of <host_name>-bin.00001
    by every update on your database the extension will be incremented
    by 1. then the greatest value is the latest one.

    binary logs save the all statements that have effect on change of
    database like insert, delete, etc. but you should be careful in executing
    binary log and delete the drop statements in case of existent.

    binary logs are accessible only in case of active status, its means is it
    must be active before dropped database.

    the command for database recovery with using binary log is:

    mysqlbinlog the_log_file > update.sql

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