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Thread: How do you set up a live feed?

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    How do you set up a live feed?

    I am looking to get my webcam setup on a website with a live feed (asap). Server space I have, webcam I have, the know how I do not.

    I am trying to set up a security camera (just for the weekend) for a family business and basically, all I want is to connect my webcam to a computer that is at the business, stick the cam on a shelf and be able to monitor the live feed online.

    Like I said, server space/domain names I have, but I just have absolutely no idea where to begin. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks.
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    If you are just looking to monitor your business over the weekend, you may want to check into software for your Webcam which allows it to act as a security camera / motion detector.
    Google something like:
    use webcam for security or motion detector
    for example:
    Setting up a live feed like a Web broadcast is a much more complicated and expensive proceedure. First you need a server capable of live streaming, not just hosting, something like
    Then you need an encoder like Windows Media Encoder
    The simple solution, go the motion detector route.

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