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Thread: Need some freed back on getting started.

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    Question Need some freed back on getting started.

    Hey everyone,

    I am a firefighter at a small department. Recently the board of my department made me the "Webmaster" and i am in the process of getting started. I have worked with frontpage but that was a few years ago now. My question is, what is the best software to use now days. i will be working with Windows 2007 mostlikely and at this time prices arent set. I have accsess to our sever and will have no limits as to what i do. So if yall could give me some ideas it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Well I like Java so I do a lot of my stuff in JSP, servlets, Javascript and HTML. This is a good way to go and a lot of the stuff to use with Java is open source.

    Good Luck!
    Happy Code Writing!

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    There is no "best software", what you use depends on your knowledge and what you intend adding to the website(s).
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