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Thread: Syntax Error

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    Syntax Error

    Hi guys, sometimes when I try to click on one of the articles on my knowledge base page, it gives me a syntax error and won't open up. The error reads that it's on line 2, character 1, but I don't see anything wrong with it. Can anyone please help? Here's my page: http://netzeye.com/kb/index.php


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    it loads fine for me. can we see the first few lines of code.

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    Hi Scott, I have a few php include codes on that page, so it loads up differently than from what I have in my Dreamweaver. When the computer displays the error on line 2, which one are they referring to?


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    Do you have a link to a page on your website that always comes up with this error?

    Something from which we can replicate?

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    The error message should tell you exactly which file the error is in. If the error is on character 1 of a line, most likely the error is due to something missing in the preceding (non-comment) line, most often the terminal semi-colon.

    But there's no way any of us can give you definite answer without at least seeing the source code, and preferably also seeing the exact error message text.
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