I have nine web sites and have been using feedburner to link topic to topic related links to self updating web page.

I know it is helping get traffic from one web site to another however I was wonder if search engines read a page with a feedburner BuzzBoost javascript codes (not widget codes) get read by search engines as 1) the web page updated and 2) as text on the page.

I know search engine eat text to find information however I am not sure they read javascript codes from feedburner BuzzBoost as codes are by passed as codes or read as text.

I know includes php pulls in text from one page to another but I have no idea how to get the rss.xml to pull using includes php except to use feedburner.

Before I get any deeper in this project I am trying to get the best way to get rss.xml from one page to another plus with it being text search engine can use.

Thanks for any input