I have struggled for months with this one. I originally placed all of the Spanish into the database with the accent characters in HTML-entity form.

For example:
¡Me encanta la fotografía!
This would correctly display the characters on screen, but the word "fotografía" could not be matched in a select query (with the possible exception of actually typing the HTML-entity).

I wanted everything to be in UTF8 format, so I then tried converting the entire database to this, replacing all of the HTML-entities with their UTF8 equivalents. Now I can search, and find, the Spanish accented words, but ONLY if the accents are entered into the query.

For example, if the word is "Jesús", the un-accented form "Jesus" will not match, but "Jesús" will.

I have heard there is a way to ignore accents, similar to ignoring case.

How can I properly set this up?

I _VERY MUCH_ appreciate any helpful hints on this.