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Thread: Sorting times of day

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    Sorting times of day

    We have a table, large, with date-time field for every day of the last few years. The date repeats when a new process fires to note the time. Each day contains LOTS of these incidents.

    The goal is to sort the date-time fields and aquire the latest occurance of the day for all the days in the range selected, say the year 2008. This MAX needs to be found for each day. The current SQL only returns one day for all the years with that one day's MAX.

    I've tried parsing out the date time but the conversions do more harm than good. In any event there should be a simple enough aggregate query to group the days and return only one day for each, with the MAX time.

    The tables are too big to move into Excel where sorting is a different animal.
    Thank you for your help.


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    what if you group by the date part, using the date function?

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