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Thread: Alias Question MySql

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    Alias Question MySql

    I have the following query that works...

    SELECT tOrdersDetail.ProductId , SUM(tOrdersDetail.quantity) as Quantity1,SUM( tOrdersDetail.Price * Quantity) as Price1,tProduct.UnitPrice as uCost,SUM(Quantity * tProduct.UnitPrice) as Total_Cost .... -> wont work if i add this on ,( Quantity1/Price1) as Average_Cost
    FROM tProduct
    INNER JOIN tOrdersDetail
    ON tOrdersDetail.ProductId=tProduct.ProductId
    GROUP BY ProductId
    LIMIT 0 , 30

    I need to preform 2 more calculations in the result set...
    My thought was to just add this and i can mamke calucation based on alias name....but no luck
    ( Quantity1/Price1) as Average_Cost
    ( Total_Cost/Price1) as Average_Cost

    I get an error invalied field name...thanks
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    its more because quantity1 is an alias for aggregate reults. youre trying to sum a sum which doesnt work
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