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Thread: upload image confusion

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    upload image confusion

    I need to make a site that allows a customer to upload one image only. The image would then be printed onto a card and mailed to them. This is a personal website to pay off my student loans. My budget is very slim to operate.

    I'm not really sure how to do this properly -very limited programming experience.
    1) There are security issues with uploading a bad file to the server.
    2) How to write code that uploads a file to server and associate the image to the customer. CSS, PHP, JS?
    3) For purchasing, is it better to have the option to upload before or after payment is made?

    There are open source eCommerce solutions, but I'm worried about hacking, credit cards, etc. I thought easiest method would have them attach the image to an email and send it to me, but that creates added hassle for them.


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    I would do it this way.

    1. Have them pay you first, via Paypal or other means.
    2. Create a temporary FTP account on your server for that user.
    3. Have them upload to that FTP location, into their own directory for identification.


    1. Pay a developer a few quid to make you a simple database driven script that lets the user upload a photograph after they've paid via Paypal.
    2. Put a validation code in your Paypal response to the user, which must be entered into the form before they can upload , this will prevent just anyone uploading and will only be given to someone who has officially paid you.
    3. Put a form entry asking the user to type in their Paypal confirmation reference, so know who it's for and ask the developer to include a function that renames the photograph to this reference, so you can find their details easily.

    Alternatively, have the developer integrate paypal completely into your form, so the whole process is seamless.
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