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    Question Ad Services

    I'm considering a switch from Google AdSense, but I'm not sure to what. I'm looking for more control over which ads I get and ad formats. I've tried Adbrite, but most of the ads I get there are unrelated to my site and the revenue is substantially lower than Google's.

    Any recommendations?

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    Lol funnily enough im interested in the same info. Hope you dont mind me posting, saves starting a duplicate thread.

    Not to thread hi-jack, but ive always detested ads on business sites, however im launching my own blog soon.

    I would like to know a comparison between google ads, adbright, commission junc, etc. Find out which one offers the best returns for hits and click through?

    Cant find a chart anywhere !!

    (if i find any more info while searching okendoze il post here)
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    So far, AzoogleAds and adEngage come recommended on high payouts ...

    Bannerboxes/advolcano looks promising ....
    # The ability to set your own starting bid price for ads that are shown on your web site
    # Before ads are placed on your web site, you are able to review them and decide whether or not they are appropriate
    # BannerBoxes makes it easy to control the look and feel of your ads. No matter what your web site looks like, you can easily control the look of the ads by changing the color, font, placement, etc
    # If you haven't sold all your ad space, BannerBoxes will fill your unused inventory with back fill ads. You still receive 75% commission for each ad that is clicked.
    This looks like good returns, even though its popup advertising ....

    PS: to anyone making suggestions, the less wh*re-ish the ad provider is, as well as maybe even paypal benefits and the highest returns would be appreciated.
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