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Thread: Option Drop Down Menu, Interesting Idea Help

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    Exclamation Option Drop Down Menu, Interesting Idea Help

    I have your average basic drop down menu.

    I have two questions:

    1. Every drop down menu shows the first option on top and when clicked reveals the other options. Well, I don't like the old ugly box that is shown for a drop down menu. In the web program I am developing I need it to only display the text and not the box with the arrow. Does anyone know how this is possible?

    I have already used a script that takes the opacity to 0 and doesn't show anything. The only problem is that I need it to show the text or something atleast for the people to see to click. In my case I just want the text and have that text able to pull down the drop down menu.

    2. I actually want them to be able to mouseover the the specified text and have it bring up the drop down menu. So instead of click, I want mouseover.

    I will GREATLY appreciate any help or direction with these 2 simple html form ideas.

    Thank you!

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    1. The 'arrow' is an integral part of the dropdown and can't be removed.

    2. All your ideas are already available in the many menu lists that are available.
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    Thanks for your help! I'll continue to look around. I haven't found these options available for form menus, other menus yes, but not for form menus so far.

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