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Thread: AJAX Problems.

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    Exclamation AJAX Problems.

    I have created a php page for a website that I am working on. It loads perfectly and fast when I direct my browsers directly to it. However, when I setup AJAX to load into a div I get the

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 30720 bytes)

    message. I have tried the php memory allocation fixes and I have to set it to 1000M for me not to get the error but then I don't get any text back. I am using the prototype framework for the AJAX request.

    new Ajax.Updater('payRollReport',"admin/reportPayRoll.php",{
    onComplete: initPayPeriodReport,
    parameters: 'payPeriodID='+payPeriodHash,
    method: 'get'});

    Can anyone tell me why this is acting the way it is.

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    It's not the javascript that's the problem, it's a PHP error message.
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    It is not just a PHP problem

    It is not just a php problem because when I run the script directly it work just fine without any problems what so ever. So I believe it is a combination of problems.

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