hi everyone..

i'm about to build a site for a customer of mine..

they do events and want something like a blog.. where they can post articles with pictures of their events and have a calendar for upcoming events (so far its a simple blog i guess) but as an addition the want a gallery where people who attended these events can upload videos and images to and other people can comment on those.
the catch is the donn't want visitors to have to register to be able to upload.. so i guess the just want to be able to moderate it.

what would your suggestion be? what kind of cms would work?
do i even need a cms or should i just mash-up a blog with a gallery under one hood..

problem is i have not yet found a gallery or a cms with such a gallery where useres can upload to..

coolest thing would be if the upload their videos to youtube and put the link in a form, hit upload and the video is in the gallery..

well, i'm open for every suggestion since i have nothing right now