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Thread: Do you manage/import Client's Product Database w/ eCommerce site?

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    Do you manage/import Client's Product Database w/ eCommerce site?

    Have a Client with over 3000 products. I've been helping her with uploading the products/images in Excel Spreadsheet form.

    I've been pulling my hair out since we have been having to go to the Product Manufacturer's website, downloading their product database/images and then trying to re-upload them the website I designed for the client.

    The worst part so far is alot of the product image names in the spreadsheet don't match the images that we downloaded WITH the spreadsheet. I've been working on the product/spreadsheet/product image portion so much I can't get any other work done.

    Typically should the Web Designer help the client with this portion? Or should it be the client's responsibility get her products imported? I have set up a very easy-to-use control panel for her that she can do it herself...

    Im just afraid that with over 3000 products, it would take her forever to do this and I don't want to leave her hanging.

    And NO, this was not in the contract that I would do this. Also, this is a friend-of-a-friend so I feel even more obligated to help her with this.

    Please advise

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    Show her how to do it for a few images. If she still has problems tell her how much it will cost her for you to do it for her.
    If you do it all for free now, she will expect you to do it again when the products change in the future.
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