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Thread: Need help determining which Cart or system to use

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    Need help determining which Cart or system to use

    I need a little advise from developers since I am not one. I am currently looking into different carts such as OSCommerce, Magento, etc., but first need to know if these systems are capable of doing what I want, or will I need a custom site built.

    Here's what our site will need to offer. Lets say we are a car dealership as an example.

    Cars: Cars will be available for sale. Users will need to have the ability to sort by style such as convertible, SUV, van, etc. The car will need a details page with photos, specs, etc.

    Parts Catalog: User goes through a hierarchy to select individual components. User enters "parts catalog" and selects make, then year, then model, then component (such as a carburetor). On the "carburetor" page a breakdown image of the "carburetor" will appear with all the individual items available for sale that make up the carburetor.

    The setup of "cars" I understand will not be a problem. The "parts catalog" level is what concerns me. Is this type of setup available or configurable with any carts on the market, or is this something I will need have custom built. Any help is appreciated so I know what direction to head towards. . . .


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    Moved to server-side forum for better coverage.

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    Perhaps VirtueMart as a part of Joomla, or the Product Manager module for CMSMS (cmsmadesimple.org).

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