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Thread: x is not defined

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    x is not defined

    I have a simple script that isn't working. Error console says x is not defined and points to "document.wrl_addresschange1.form.submit();" Is there a syntax error of is there a file that it can't locate? Thanks

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function valAddrCh1(){
    if ( (document.wrl_addresschange1_form.infotochange[0].checked != true )&&(document.wrl_addresschange1_form.infotochange[1].checked != true)&&(document.wrl_addresschange1_form.infotochange[2].checked != true)&&(document.wrl_addresschange1_form.infotochange[3].checked != true )&&(document.wrl_addresschange1_form.infotochange[4].checked != true) )
    alert("Please Select the information you want to change ");
    return false ;
    else {
    return true;


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    There's no x referenced in that function at all so you're looking at the wrong source line.

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