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Thread: problem setting variable

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    problem setting variable

    Hello, I have the following code:

    var permissionsArray;

    function nonMSPopulatePP() {

    . . .

    permissionsArray = new Array("A", "B", "C");
    alert(permissionsArray); //displays "A,B,C"


    when i try to access permissionsArray later on, after nonMSPopulatePP() has executed, it is undefined. The variable isn't declared twice.

    What could be some reasons for this?


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    Based on the most common, and most infuriating, similar problems I've had with JS, I'd recommend you check the following:

    • the 's' at the end of 'permissions' is actually there.
    • the 'A' in 'Array' is capitalized
    • The part of the function where you're declaring permissionsArray is actually being called (if in a conditional block)
    • You're not testing permissionsArray anywhere with a single '=' instead of a double '==' anywhere.
    • You're actually calling the function (and it has completed) before trying to access permissionsArray - I've had timing problems like this a lot using setTimeout, setInterval and various Ajax-related scripts

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    also, if you use var statement inside a function's body, the created variable become local to that function. in the snippet code isn't present, but in any case. so that if you do:
    var permissionsArray;
    function nonMSPopulatePP() {
    . . .
    var permissionsArray = new Array("A", "B", "C");
    alert(permissionsArray); //displays "A,B,C"
    permissionsArray set on the global environment still undefined.
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