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Thread: any ideas to solve this IE problems??

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    Red face any ideas to solve this IE problems??

    Thanks in advance for reading this post,

    I am developing a site which i uploaded here www.mejorviaja.com. With firefox is working smoothly but when i tried it on Internet Explorer 7 (and worst with IE 6) there are some weird stuff. like:

    - The logo barely appears on the top left. I gave it an absolute positioning.
    - My div#footer_last on this page mejorviaja.com/sugiere.html is not displaying all the way to the bottom of the page.
    - My #content_wrapper #title h2 is getting cut as an example here mejorviaja.com/argentina.php you can barely see the 'g' for Argentina.

    I would really appreciate your help.

    Thank you very very very much,

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    logo - IE seems to dislike your setting for `bottom' on #header h1 a... If I remove it in both Firefox and IE 7, they render the logo in the same location, even if it is out-of-place. To fix it, using a negative value like -50px for the `top' property instead. Maybe that will work (it does in Firefox).

    As for your issue with the footer, it looks fine to me, but perhaps that's a problem on my end because I'm using the Compatibility View of IE8b2 to see what it looks like in IE7.

    The h2 is getting cut because of your `line-height' property. It seems that IE7 is not playing the game correctly with your margins and stuff. Once you remove it, it shifts down a little, but it displays completely. I think you might consider adjusting your top margin.

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    thank you very much

    Thank you for the help! I did some changes but i still have to work on some.

    IE is still not respecting the bottom absolute positioning.

    I will try something else.

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