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Thread: Old Browser Issue

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    Old Browser Issue

    After designing a website, I was informed that my site looked horrible in an old browser (unsure which browser, but I know it was a windows 2000 system).

    In IE7 and FireFox, the site looks fine.

    The porblem is that the site width just keeps on going and going with no stopping point.

    Any idea?


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    If it is an old browser that still has a significant number of people using it (such as IE6) then you need to make sure that the page is at least usable in that browser even though it doesn't have all the fancy features of modern browsers.

    If it is an old browser that hardly anyone uses any more then unless that browser is used by a significant fraction of your visiting public then you should ignore the problem and just encourage them to upgrade to a better browser.

    I think Win 2000 came with IE5 as its default browser.

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