Allllright so I'm pretty much as dumb as dumb can be for this--I don't write code.

If that's not enough, I can't even adapt code on several example pages to work for what I want to do, which seems like it should be relatively simple. There are several pages that have code and whathaveyou that do exactly what I want, all using similar METHODS but somewhat different words.

I've tried Javascript and I've tried stylesheets, both of which go over my head when it comes down to actually writing them and knowing what's going to happen. Like I said, I can't even adapt code for my own uses though.

I want an image map so when you move your mouse over one of the links, like a button, the area around that changes. I've come closest using a style tag, having it replace the whole image with one I made of that area changed, but the mouseover area is always somewhat offset due to text indentation or something of the sort.

Can anyone help me? Or suggest where I should go from here?

Stylesheet, Javascript, or Flash?