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    xml editor

    I've just experimented with xml and were suprised there aren't any xml editors which could do the thing I want. At least I couldn't find any.

    I've got a long text of addresses which I want to convert to xml. I guess I could use any text editor or e.g. dreamweaver to add the surrounding tags like this:
    <name>John Doe</name>
    <address>Nowhereville 1</address>
    But that would be time consuming. I thought there had to be some kind of xml editor where I could select text/paragraphs and then click on the "tags list" pallette on the tag I want to have it and upon clicking on it the text would automattically be surrounded by that tag.

    But so far, all xml editors I found just colour highlight the code, verify it etc. but I would still have to type the tags myself? Aren't there any editors which would do what I want? It would be so much simpler and would take far less time.

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    Well, conceptually, XML tags can be absolutely anything, so why would there be a tag list? How long is your text, you could use a programming language (e.g. Perl) to read in the file and generate the output automatically for you.

    Matter of fact I'd be glad to help you out with it if you want.
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    Well, the idea would be e.g. to click on "new tag" and add a few tags like you would add css styles. "name", "address", "occupation" etc. Then I would load my text file, select some words and click on the appropriate text. That would be much quicker than going through the code and copy past opening/closing tags or typing each tag with the risk of typos.
    I could do some programming but convert e.g. a tab delimited file. But the problem is that each line would have more or less fields. E.g. one company has besided the address also 1 or more employees.

    But anyway, there isn't any drag 'n drop xml editor anywhere? Indesign does it so I could do that (you select text and select the 'label' from the label pallette), but I'm surprised no xml editor does it.

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    Or just drop it in OpenOffice Base or MS Access and export that table as XML.
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