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Thread: Dropdown Menu Like On Myspace

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    Dropdown Menu Like On Myspace

    hi i'm new here, and would really appreciate some help.

    can somebody explain to me how to have a drop down menu as they do on myspace?

    if you're not logged in for example when you go over the more tab in the menu:

    i'd also like to know how they create those tabs on menus that change color/backgroud on rollover.

    thank you very much for your time!

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    ok so i decided to go with:

    but how do i change the valign to have the text in the middle of the bar (div)? and how do i place the menu on the complete right side of the bar?

    also is it possible with this script to have most of the menu points on the left, but some on the right side?

    i basically want to completely re-create the myspace menu.
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    i tried

    text-align: middle;


    vertical-align: middle;

    but neither worked.

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