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Thread: White line between tables I can't get rid of!!

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    Unhappy White line between tables I can't get rid of!!

    I'm building a website, and when I first build it, everything was perfect. I work on a MAC and use Safari. Then I noticed that when I viewed it in IE on Windows, there was a white horizontal line that separated part of the page. So I figured it was a browser issue that I overlooked. But then, a few weeks after that, the same thing happened on Safari. VERY strange, since I did not touch the HTML. So now it's on any browser that I use, on any OS, but only on certain pages. I've compared the HTML between the pages that have the white line and the ones that don't, and I can't find any differences. Can somebody help??

    Here is the page that is correct: http://www.nantucketstar.com, and here is the one that has the line: http://www.nantucketstar.com/staff.html.

    Thank you!

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    Did you use Photoshop to slice the page and write the HTML table(s)? If so, I would suggest re-slicing the "staff" page and see if that helps. Just from taking a quick glance at the source code, I couldn't find anything wrong with it. Of course, I could have easily over looked something simple (I'm prone to doing that). So, give re-slicing a shot and see if that solves the problem.

    I hope that helps!

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