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Thread: how do I edit a post?

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    how do I edit a post?

    I want to edit a post but can't see how. I'm logged in, I see the post, but how do I edit it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by webguy262 View Post
    I want to edit a post but can't see how. I'm logged in, I see the post, but how do I edit it?
    Post on a website that doesn't have a problem with people editing their posts after after 40 minutes. If you totally disbelieve the explanation they give for that, you won't be alone.
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    A Logic Ali says, you can edit the post up to 40 minutes after you post it (I thought it was 30, but I'll trust him). If you have a particular problem with a post, a moderator can change it if it's necessary.

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    yeah, i don't know why the limit is so short.
    can't tell you how many times ive thought of something later, and had to just forget about it; not wanting to be a double or over -poster.

    since much of the traffic is viewing indexed posts, it substantially reduces the quality on information in the archive relative to other sites like codingforums, which allow post post bug fixes and addendums. :^(

    that and no code button in quick edit (though quick replay finally has one) are the two biggest problems with the settings on this site.
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