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Thread: Ubuntu 8.10 Mouse Clicking Issues

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    Angry Ubuntu 8.10 Mouse Clicking Issues

    I'm not entirely sure when it started but, I do know it is a recent issue I've just begun to notice the last month or so. I think that means it's a regression of some kind.

    Anyway, clicking is going haywire for me on my setup. At first I thought it was limited to Firefox because that was the only place I noticed it often. Then I realized that it is actually everywhere in Ubuntu. It seems to manifest itself at a seemingly random interval. The issue itself also seems to be random.

    Here is a list (in no particular order) of some of the different things I've noticed:
    • When I click once it actually ends up doing a double click.
    • When I right-click it will (seemingly) randomly just execute one of the context menu items rather than show the context menu.
    • When highlighting text it will sometimes just unselect what I had selected and move the text pointer to where my cursor currently is.
    • Clicking once inside a textarea (on the web or a text editor or what have you) will result in the entire word or line you clicked next to to become highlighted.
    • Clicking on an icon once and then clicking some empty area on the screen immediately after will cause the icon to execute rather than become un-highlighted.
    There are also several other similar issues related to this clicking issue but I just can't remember them all right now.

    Some more info:
    • Operating System: Ubuntu Linux version 8.10 (with all available updates)
    • Mouse: Logitech LX7 Optical Wireless Mouse
    • Configurations: Nothing special. Basically all my settings are still factory default.

    As I said, these are random. They don't all happen at once and they all don't happen all the time. It all seems very random.

    These issue are causing computing to be a major hell, to say the least. I'm almost thinking about downgrading to a previous version of Ubuntu since these problems didn't seem to be an issue for them. Or even as a last resort, maybe back to Windows again. I really hope to avoid that option, but it may be my only one if this all persists with no fix. They might have a fix for it in the next major release of Ubuntu (I don't know) but, I'm definitely not waiting that long. This issue is critical!

    Has anyone else experienced some or all of these issues? Does anyone know of a possible fix?

    I understand if there is no way currently to fix it. At the very least this thread can serve as a place for people experiencing these same issues to rant about it.

    Oh, also... I've read some stuff from several people (all with different mice and setups) claiming to have these same issues so I don't believe this is merely a case of mis-configuration or similar.
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