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Thread: Please review my Home Energy site

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    Thumbs up Please review my Home Energy site

    I created a home fuel search site to try and create a one stop place for people to find all types of fuel oil, pellets, bio, wood, coal, etc. When we built a house recently we didn’t realize how difficult it would be to shop around for this kind of stuff. Unfortunately with fuel prices going crazy its more important to shop around to find the best deals you can to save a few bucks. Feel free to leave me comments about the site, things you’d like to see added/changed.

    The site is http://fuelstart.com

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    - I think it would be better if "Simplifying the search for home heating... Search your area for the best prices in home heating fuels" goes some where into the header, beside or below the logo.
    - The Menu is better placed below the logo covering whole strech of the of the page not just the middle part
    - Search can come below the menu where currently "Simplifying the search for home heating... Search your area for the best prices in home heating fuels" is there.
    - Fuel dealers signup can be highlighted a bit more.
    - Generally logo colours are used for the website. Your content doesnot have the logo colour green, instead it uses blue and yellow.
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    My first impression is that your page is crowded (using a 1280x800 screen res).
    The colors you're using are reminding me of google ads. That's not a positive point. Red + blue + green + yellow is not really a good choice either.
    I would stick to the green and red in your logo and get rid of the blue. Yellow is ok to emphazise a specific content box.
    The little blue box with a house and the one with a flamme would be great either in red (color of heat, and the one in your logo), or in green (color of environment-friendly energy (sorry if there's a specific word for that, English is not my mother language).
    Really, drop the blue background on the search bar, drop the blue color overall. It will give a neater feeling to your layout, will also help "uncrowd" the website. With so many colors, the user doesn't know how to look, especially with 3 primary colors together.

    Remember, that's my opinion, and of course, tastes are different in each individual

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