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Thread: I'm new! upload pictures to my website

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    I'm new! upload pictures to my website

    Hi, I am a newbie. I am creating my own site and I only know very little about this so I ran into many problems and hope I can get some help of yours. I use frontpage to edit the site and upload the site/pictures thru godaddy file manager. They told me to use ftp to upload files would be quicker so I tried. I created a new network on my vista computer. All I see is lots of webpages I created and tons of pictures listing with these files. Is there any way I can organize the pictures into one file? I tried to put all of the pictures together but once I did it, the images will not show on the website. Why is that? How to upload files on ftp? Just move files from my document to my new network place? Sorry for asking these dumb questions but I really need help. Thank you very much

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    heya, gonna try to help ya, can i get a link to your website, gonna check to see if its what i think it is.....

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